Headliner Replacement
in West Virginia

for Automobiles

Replace Headliners for Function & Looks

Headliners are the fabric that covers the roof on the inside of your vehicle. This fabric makes the car look better and can block some loud noises from going throughout the car or truck. When a roof leaks or has an opening, the headliner can start to have water spots or look horrible. West Virginia Auto Glass can help you replace your headliner in your automobile. Not only do headliners make your vehicle look great, but it also is functional. If there are rips, tears, watermarks, or other problems with your headliner, contact us at (304) 623-4617.

Pick & Customize Your Car’s Headliner

West Virginia Auto Glass can help you pick your favorite color and texture of fabric, so you have the headliner that you want in your vehicle. It can match the fabric of the seats or you can get creative with your headliner. The possibilities are endless! Keep a headliner from sagging and being a distraction in your vehicle by calling West Virginia Auto Glass. You can bring your car or truck by our shop in Clarksburg, West Virginia to decide on your options and have us replace the headliner. For more information on what a headliner is and how we replace it, contact West Virginia Auto Glass today.

Replacing Auto Glass on Residential, Commercial, & Heavy-Duty Vehicles

While we replace headliners in vehicles, we are mainly an auto glass repair and replacement company. When you have a residential, commercial, or heavy-duty vehicle that needs a chipped window replaced or a windshield replaced, we can help. We will help you through every decision and help you find a way to pay for large jobs. We also offer emergency assistance for windshields and windows when you are out on the road. For more information and a free quote on auto glass and headliner replacement services, contact West Virginia Auto Glass.